When You Need Therapy

We take great pride in the amazing results our Therapy team is able to achieve, and we witness, every day, the excitement when a Resident realizes for the first time that the dreadful results of a terrible accident, joint replacement surgery or a degenerative disease have been completely or substantially reversed by professionally delivered Therapy with the assistance of professional, competent and caring Therapists.

Therapy Residents usually come to us after a short stay in the hospital and before going back home to resume their normal lifestyles. They are not part of the “every day” nursing home population that come to us for permanent residence. Therapy Residents have specific goals to achieve (for example – building strength and learning to walk after a total knee replacement from a fall, car accident or degenerative disease). Once therapy is complete and the Resident is able to resume normal tasks the Resident returns home.

Therapy is Skilled Care

Therapy is offered as one part of “Skilled Care.” The majority of the Skilled Care offered by Shawn Manor Living Centre is for Therapy. Therapy may be necessary when you or your loved one has:


Suffered injury that may or may not require surgery (such as a fall or car wreck)

Suffered from a debilitating medical event (heart attack, stroke, etc.)

Suffered from a disability resulting from a degenerative disease

In those cases our highly trained Therapy Team works with your physician to develop a treatment plan to improve strength, range of motion and flexibility to help you return to an active lifestyle. In the case of strokes or heart attacks Speech Therapists teach us how to swallow and talk again. A wide variety of services falls under the category of Therapy and at Shawn Manor Nursing Home we can provide them all.

Our Therapy Partner

Shawn Manor Nursing Home contracts with Stein Therapy Company for all of our Residents’ Therapy needs. Stein employs only the best therapists and they are responsive to our Residents’ needs, respectful of each individual Residents’ ability to progress and work diligently to help our Residents achieve their goals. DON’T be deceived by the size of a therapy gym. Shawn Manor has all of the equipment needed to provide any therapy that is required. Stein Therapy Company is an excellent therapy provider. The quality of the therapist is directly related to the therapy outcomes. You will not find better therapists anywhere.

Our Equipment

Shawn Manor Nursing Home’s Physical Therapy room is conveniently located in the the facility and provides the latest and best equipment. Big therapy gyms don’t mean better therapy gyms. Our Therapy Equipment was selected by a professional Therapist who has worked extensively in Skilled Nursing Facilities and in Long Term Care for several years. Our therapy equipment is focused on the needs of our residents. Skilled Residents who come to Shawn Manor Nursing Home for Therapy will have the very best equipment.

Medicare Benefits and Payment

Because Shawn Manor Nursing Home is Medicare Certified for Skilled Nursing, Medicare will pay for your Skilled Nursing stay at Shawn Manor if you have Medicare benefits and if your need for Therapy qualifies under Medicare rules. Shawn Manor’s expert admission team will guide you through the maze of Medicare benefits.